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Easy Green Store is the one stop green shop for energy saving, eco friendly green products in the UK. We have everything you need to help you go green, whether you're looking for energy saving tips to help you save energy and money, or shopping on our online shop for green products such as our Energy Saving Blinds, or products that generate their own energy, such as our solar lighting or our solar panels.

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Easy Green Store is here to help everyone, including businesses, in becoming more energy efficient by providing a range of energy saving, green products. All of our products are directly supplied from trusted companies within the UK, so you can rest assured that the products we provide are of the highest quality. By using any of Easy Green Stores green products, whether in the home or at the office, you can expect to:

All of our products are green in either their materials or usage, and you can find our range of green products on our products page.

We are also committed to lowering our own energy consumption and reducing waste to help cut our own carbon footprint. We use energy efficient lighting to illuminate all work areas, recycle all of our recyclable waste and use a paper-free invoice service to cut down our paper usage.

We hope that all of our visitors will join us by helping to go green and cut carbon emissions, whether it is in the home, or within a business.

Thank you for visiting our green shop and we hope that you find the energy saving tips and green products you are looking for.

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